Young Winemakers and Wine Professionals of Greece

Just before the harvest started in Greece, about one month ago, I was calling around producers to hear their thoughts about the upcoming harvest and the quality of their grapes.

It was then, when I thought that it’s easy to find relevant information about the famous Wine Estates in Greece but not for the small ones. Even if the winery is big and well-known the senior winemakers will probably be more well-known. It is rather seldom that young winemakers and wine professionals get introduced to the public, yet I wanted to learn more about them. Who they are, where they studied, what are their hobbies, what kind of music do the love to listen to or how many pets they have. What I am trying to say is that I am introducing a new tag in my blog, Young Winemakers and Wine professionals of Greece.

I will be introducing this talented and supreme group of people through my blog and in this way maybe we will be able to draw a future picture of the scene of the Greek Wine Industry in the years to come.

So it begins! (Fireworks in my head)

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