Winemaker: Ody Vourvoukelis – Part 2

Young Winemakers and Wine professionals of Greece

Ody N. Vourvoukelis

In case you missed Part 1 of the interview, please click here.


In case you missed Part 1 of the interview, please click here.
Do you organise activities in the Estate you work for? If, yes, please specify and comment on their impact on the sales and communication. If not, what are your plans for the future?
Our winery is open to public all year long and we are always happy to welcome guests to our estate. Apart from that, we are organising numerous events such as painting and sculpture exhibitions, dance and song festivals, poetry and film nights. We believe it is very important to host such events and let our guests discover the wine world while having fun.
Domaine Vourvoukelis
Tasting room in the cellar
A little something About You:
I love music and films to the point of boredom for some. I am also a collector of various artists work, with my favourite being that of Frank Sinatra love.  A bit of a bookworm as well and I constantly enrich my library. Books about viticulture and winemaking have plenty of space in my office but I am also a great fan of biographies, as discovering and appreciating the lives of important people is deeply satisfying, me thinks. I also used to be in athlete and had my personal time of glory in football and in athletics. Finally, I am incredibly in food and beverages, to the extent of planning my weekends or vacations with regards to the new tastes I want to try. Of course I completely adore our 4 puppies, a Japanese Akita, a Chinese Chow Chow, a German d and a Greek shepherd. Oh, we also have 2 cats!
Last but not least, do you export in the UK? If yes, who is your importer or distributor? If not, would you be interested in doing so?
Unfortunately,not yet. I am very patient in this export sector because always target people with whom together we can build into our products and to provide long-term cooperation. There have been partners, who were systematically tasting our wines for 3-4 years, before establishing a long-term collaboration. This is my aim for the British market as well; quality driven cooperation and not ephemeral profit.
Syrah grapes in their way to the cellar

I hope you enjoyed the Part 2 of the interview with Ody Vourvoukelis as much as I did. If you wish to learn more about Domaine Vourvoukelis you can visit their page on Facebook (don’t forget to like it as well) or use the following contact details:

Tel. +30 2541 051580

 Email address

 Looking forward to you comments.
À bientôt!

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