Winemaker: Stamatis Mylonas Part 2

Young Winemakers and Wine professionals of Greece


 In case you missed Part 1, please click here.
In a vineyard including vines, that are counting 100 years, Stamatis is producing wines that have a clear Greek heritage but are also modern and sophisticated.
This is the second part of the interview. In a future post, tasting notes of Mylonas Winery wines will be included.
Do you organize activities in the Estate you work for? If, yes, please specify and comment on their impact on the sales and communication. If not, what are your plans for the future?
We try to organize activities in our estate or to participate in more general activities concerning wine. We hope will be more active in the future when our winery will be completed.

In my opinion, it is extremely important for every winery  to give the opportunity to people to “get to know” their wines and vines.  In addition, I believe that the personal contact with the consumer, is the best advertisement one can obtain. We try to be in touch with the consumer and give them the opportunity to visit the winery and get fascinated by wine. A personal contact and a fine wine have a positive result both in communication and  in sales afterwards .

Beautiful scenery


Assyrtiko vines
A little something About You:
My wife always says that I can’t think of anything else but wine!!! I enjoy spending my free time with her, my two small children and with good friends. Traveling around the world is something I really love to do, meeting new people, exploring new traditions and food.  I always enjoy a nice movie that relaxes me at home. I also wish I had time to swim a bit more.
Last but not least, do you export in the UK? If yes, who is your importer or distributor? If not, would you be interested in doing so?
We do export in the UK. I consider UK market to be one of the most difficult. Our wines are imported by Yamas Wines ( and Just Great Wine (
Mylonas’ wine selection

If you wish to know more about Stamatis and Mylonas winery then use the following information: 
Mylonas Winery : Keratea Attica, 19001, Greece 
Tel. +302299068156
 Fax +302299068256

You can also like their page on Facebook!

À bientôt

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