Raw Wine Fair and Greek Natural Wine – Domaine Ligas

The weather in London has gone all crazy and it’s now proper Spring time – who would have thought? Last Sunday it was nice and sunny and I was super excited to try a few – or shall I say a lot – natural wines at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, East London.

The Raw fair is a Wine Fair, created and organised by Isabelle Legeron MW, a true supporter of the Natural Wine Movement . Although, Natural Wine is a very broad term, I got to understand more about it after I read Jamie Goode’s & Sam Harrop’s book, Authentic Wine. It introduces you to the no (or minimum) sulphites, no additives wine world and explains concepts such as terroir and biodynamics using simple language.

I couldn’t wait to find out all about Ligas Wines, the only Greek natural wine producer I have heard of.

Most people feel that buying natural wine is some sort of Russian roulette and they are right to a certain extent. One could find a series of serious faults and mostly Brettanomyces and there are producers out there to claim that this is part of the terroir’s expression. But aren’t all wines subject to faults?

I was very happy to taste Jason’s wines and those that I particularly liked were the Rosé and the Λ13.

Jason Ligas at the RAW Wine Fair in London
Jason Ligas at the RAW Wine Fair in London

Le Rose 2013 is made with 100% Xinomavro grapes grown on chalky quartz soils in Pella, Northern Greece. Vibrant and deep fuchsia in colour with playful and delicate aromas of freshly squeezed strawberries and raspberries. It leaves your palate with a nice finish of pomegranate freshness. Ideal for summer nights on the terrace! (Total sulphites: 25 mg/L)

Then on to the Λ13, 2013 Pella – its name stands for the number of the microcuvée , in which it was vinified. Made with Assyrtiko and Roditis grapes, this wine is very aromatic – zesty notes are predominant. Lemon peel and grapefruit notes are clean and intense. The main characteristic that brings everything together is its minerality. Refreshing mouthfeel, stoney/steely notes and a long finish. I didn’t detect any kind of faults. The wine was not filtered and it has a clear,quite attractive lemon colour. (Total sulphites: 50 mg/L)

Ligas vineyards are organic certified and “.. vines grow in a natural way of culture based on the ‘Non­-act’ science of permaculture and organic farming.”, as they state on the RAW website.

You can find Domaine Ligas on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Domaine.Ligas?v=info

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/LigasWine

Website: http://www.ligas.gr/en/

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2 thoughts on “Raw Wine Fair and Greek Natural Wine – Domaine Ligas

  1. Effi, to truly understand the natural winemaking scene in Greece (which is very very small) you must try the following: Sclavos, Cephalonia (the pioneer!); Hatzidakis, Santorini; Thymipoulos and Dalamaras, Naoussa; Tetramythos, Peloponnese; and Economou, Crete. The best! I work with them in Montreal, Quebec with great success.

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