“Volcanic Bubbles” – Santo Brut

Is Santorini the strongest brand name in Greece? I believe that the answer is Yes. Santorini is the diva, the Marilyn Monroe of Greek wines, with production volumes struggling to please the ongoing rising demand. Prices are increasing and Santorini wines, mainly dry, still Assyrtiko, are establishing Greek Wines in the winelover’s conscience. By the way, #winelovers are visiting Santorini at the time I am typing this post and they share breathtaking pictures of the island.

I still remember reading tweets from the Oenorama Exhibition in Athens from fellow wine tweeps trying the first ever bubbly Assyrtiko from SantoWines! Everyone was raving about it and there I was miles away, trying to imagine how it would taste! After my return to Greece, I tried to find it but it wasn’t released then. So, I decided that I would wait and get it for my mum’s Bday in my Easter vacation, as she is a huge bubbly enthousiast. I contacted the lovely people of SantoWines to make sure that I could crack it open before cutting the birthday cake. They informed me that it wasn’t available on the shelf but I was one of the lucky ones who would be able to enjoy it before its launch- exciting times!

SantoWines Asyrtiko
A great pairing – Jumbo Prawns with light tomato sauce and Volcanic Bubbles

If you have already tried Assyrtiko from Santorini, you must remember its elegant stone fruit notes and its unique minerality and freshness! Add a lot of persistent bubbles who pronounce the peach, sour apricot aromas and underline the refreshing mouthfeel. In the mouth, honey and hints of brioche area completing the profile of a modern expression of Assyrtiko!

Santo brut is made with the Methode Traditionelle – aka the Champagne method. So, you get all these lovely brioche, nicely toasty notes with a splash of zest!

Imagine that: late afternoon at the caldera, your skin sun kissed with hints of salt on your hands and a glass of Assyrtiko Brut waiting for the sunset. This is what winelover’s heaven should be like!

Sparkling Santo Brut
Happy times!
Black Cow Cheddar + Assyrtiko Bubbles

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