Pork medallions cooked in fresh grape juice

Sometimes it's good to play with your food..
Sometimes it’s good to play with your food..

From what I can remember, this must be the first recipe I cooked in my first year of University. Back then, Internet was not part of my everyday life, so I had to collect ALL the food magazines I could find. The situation started to become unbearable; there was no room for mine and my parents’ books in our shared library, so I decided that I had to select some of the recipes. So, I threw away the magazines and put away the several dozens of books lying on the floor, acting as a coffee or side tables. #bookwarm

And this is what happened. If you have been reading my blog, you might remember the little notebook, where I used to keep all my favorite recipes.

If you’re up for a grape-y one , I bet that you will love this one:

Pork medallions cooked in fresh grape juice!

You will need: (serves 4)
800g pork medallions
1,5 onion
600g sultana grapes
300g of chestnut mushrooms
1 tea-spoon white vinegar
1 small cup of olive oil
1/2 wine glass of aromatic wine
1 tea-spoon of dry coriander
Salt & freshly ground pepper

Effi drinks wine - pork medallions recipe
The ingredients

Steps to yumminess:
– Put your fresh grapes into a pasta strainer and place a bowl beneath it. Now, start stomping … with your and collect the delicious juice. It’s very therapeutic!

Grape stomping...with your hands!
Grape stomping…with your hands!

– Pour some olive oil on a large skillet and add the finely chopped onion and the pork medallions. Make sure that they get a nice browned color from both sides.

– Sprinkle some salt & pepper and  the dried coriander. Pour the white wine and vinegar and keep the skillet on moderate fire until all the liquids are absorbed.

– Now on to the best part: Add your fresh grape juice and reduce the fire. Cover the skillet with a lid and let them cook for around 10-15 mins. Your kitchen will start smelling heavenly, yumm!

– For the garnish, you can quickly (I think you’re getting really hungry now!) grill some fresh mushrooms and three table spoons of onion on a really hot stove and maybe boil some rice as I did the last time I played around with this recipe. Use a few fresh rosemary leaves for the decor – I do enjoy a lot the aroma twist that rosemary gives to pork!

Et voilà!

Mouthwatering aromas and heartwarming flavors
Mouthwatering aromas and heartwarming flavors

Looking for a wine to pair it with?

I would love a Malagousia/Assyrtiko blend by Gerovassiliou Estate, which you can find *here or a Santorini Assyrtiko by Hatzidakis, available *here.

Let me know if you try this recipe and do leave any recommendations/ adjustments in the comments below. I’d love to read them!

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