Xinomavro in London: It needs a hero!

Donald Edwards
Donald Edwards

If you’re in London, you should follow the Greek wine trail that leads to Peckham Bazaar in South London, the child of Donald Edwards, ex-sommelier, and chef John Gionleka. Fay Maschler, in last year’s November review of Peckham Bazaar in the Evening Standard wrote: “Peckham Bazaar has been described as serving the best Greek food in London — not exactly a hot competition —“and I should add that it’s pouring the best Greek wine in London, too.

I wanted to find out how Donald and his business partner John teamed up, how they came up with the delicious East Mediterranean recipes and their unique wine list. I met Donald in a Vermouth bar in Soho. He explained how Peckham Bazaar was born. Because no good story starts with someone eating a salad, he and John got really drunk on a March weekend (2013) and decided to set up a pop-up restaurant with a pan-Balkan style.

Fiona Becket wrote in her Peckham Bazaar’s review: “The wine list is brilliant – quirky, adventurous, full of rare treats from Greece and elsewhere in the Eastern Med (so massively on-trend).” They list about 8 different Xinomavro labels. Eight. I am fascinated. Donald believes in the uniqueness of Xinomavro and that it’s a very expressive grape, quite distinctive -unlike Agiorgitiko-, that pairs very interestingly with food. With a few Greek restaurants opening up lately in London, Peckham Bazaar prides itself to be the only one with such an interesting list of indigenous grape varieties, with Xinomavro being in the spotlight.

What frustrates Donald though, is that “winemakers throw international varieties in the blend.” He insists that we need more 100% Xinomavro labels. He explains that it’s such a unique and distinctive grape and more wine drinkers should get properly introduced to it.

How does Donald get his customers to try Xinomavro?

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8 thoughts on “Xinomavro in London: It needs a hero!

  1. … Queen save the Donlad! (Yes, I meant Donlad) … I have, on occasion, found myself on rooftops high above cities, drinking bizarre concoctions and wines with Donald. He knows his stuff. Let the X flow … See similar recent articles at Re: Greece and Heroes … Cheers!

    1. Hi Benjamin, you’re so right; Donald/Donlad/Donalde does know his stuff! I just read your post on the #NemeaWineTour2014 and I remembered that I was checking out your tweets during these 3 days. Ted Lelekas is fantastic and I am glad you enjoyed your visit 🙂 Cheers!

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