Moschofilero-Mantinia by Tselepos & Pan-Fried Mullets

Summer is (not) here (yet).

You see, I live in London where every sunny day is treated like a unicorn , especially in the warmer months. This year we don’t get them that often. As I was sitting cozily and watching the rain from the window yesterday, I had this well-known anticipation, this hint of excitement of the Summer feeling. Last year I didn’t even bother going to the beach but now all I can think of is the salty smell of the sea breeze, the splash of waves. The closest I can get to my wishes is this memory of a mesmerizing lunch in my garden in Greece: fried mullets and a chilled glass of Moschofilero-Mantinia by Tselepos.

Moschofilero Mantinia Tselepos great Britain
Cheers to Summer!

I love cooking but pan-frying is not my forte, so I let my mum do the honors, as her technique is unbeatable:

Light golden pan-fried mullets
  • Put flour, salt, pepper and some smoked paprika in a bowl and stir
  • Place the mullets in the mix and coat well
  • Heat up some olive oil in anon-stick frying pan and place the fish gently
  • Put the nicely coated fish in the frying-pan and cook for 5-8mins on each side
  • As soon as they get this lovely orange, lightly golden color, take them out and place them on absorbing paper to keep them nice and crispy on the outside

The choice of wine was quite easy for this Summery dish – I wanted a beautifully aromatic wine with a splash of freshness to make justice to the crispy first bit of the fish crust. Moschofilero from Mantinia was exactly what I needed. With an abundance of wild flowers, some grape-y sweet undertones and a charming wisp of white pepper, Moschofilero might remind you of an Argentinian Torrontés but with a more elegant and complex profile. Lots of citrus freshness in the mouth with a distinctive, appetizingly dry, mineral finish. At 12.0% alcohol, this is a great wine for Summer drinking!

Moschofilero makes fish and wine pairing far too easy!

Have you tried this indigenous Greek grape before? Hope you’ll try this delicious combo and let me know how you liked it, when you do!

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