The night I tried Petrus 2004…

There are a few moments in a winelover’s journey that have been long anticipated.

Like this one.

Like the moment of tasting, let alone drinking this magnificent and legendary wine.

And I did.


On the 27th January my colleagues and I celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Maisons Marques et Domaines. After a fabulous tasting of almost our entire portfolio with our customers and press, we invited our producers to join us at a truly fascinating celebratory dinner at Novikov in London. The restaurant is divided in 3 spaces; one of them is the beautiful Italian restaurant which has a traditional feel of Italian elegance and warmth.

The menu was incredible and we were properly spoiled as our producers generously offered their icon wines for the dinner. As you can see in the photo below, some tremendous wines were enjoyed!

The MMD 30th Anniversary Dinner
The fascinating wine line-up
Petrus 2004 decanted
Petrus 2004 in the decanter
30th MMD Anniversary Dinner at Novikov

Petrus 2004 was served with a Risotto with pigeon and winter black truffle.

I kept swirling the glass under my nose.  An abundance of dried herbs and truffles filled the glass.

This powerful yet silky Merlot from the famous Pomerol plateau has a deep ruby colour and a mesmerising nose full of sweet, juicy cherries harmoniously blended with earthy notes and aromas of dark chocolate and vanilla seeds. The mouthfeel is tannic and structured with precision. A plethora of aromas is developed in the mouth with these of cherries, truffle and chocolate being most prominent with a promise of an astonishing wine getting developed in the bottle and it will be even more exhilarating in the next decade.

A truly memorable evening with a range of iconic wines which have been shaping and keep developing the world of fine wine.

I feel very lucky and blessed!

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12 thoughts on “The night I tried Petrus 2004…

  1. Right now I am green with envy. I still have a couple more points on the spectrum to pass before I’m back to pink. (What we now need is the techies at WordPress to create a wine download widget and we’re away!)

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