The wine-tasting rabbit mug by HAM!

Are you a winelover in the hunt for a new coffee/tea mug? Look no further for this is one of the best wine tasting related mugs I have ever seen!

If you are like me and learned how to do your make-up from YouTube tutorials (I am still a novice), you must have watched Estée Lalonde‘s videos. She doesn’t only talk make-up though and has, in my opinion, a great eye for design. So, when I saw a print behind her with a bunny bouncing on a trampoline, my eyes sparkled for a  moment and I tried to find the print on Google.

Best mug ever!

And this is how I discovered HAM and my beloved wine tasting-rabbit mug. It was not easy to get my hands on it though, I had to wait 3 (!!!) or even more months for the mug to get back in stock, as they are quite a small team … I emailed Jo, HAM’s founder a couple of times, who very kindly gave me some possible dates but I was so impatient.

I have been using it every day since I got it and it brings a big smile to my face every single time I pour my coffee in it! HAM has a fantastic selection of mugs and prints of DJ, yoga, graffiti etc. rabbits and  I couldn’t recommend it enough!

In their own words: “HAMʼs minimal aesthetic seeks to add a serious edge to its playful subject matter.”

Fantastic store for presents and home decoration.

And they made a wine-tasting rabbit mug! Who else has thought of that?

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9 thoughts on “The wine-tasting rabbit mug by HAM!

  1. So adorable!!! I came across your blog and LOVE it!!!! I followed you and hope you follow me back if you wouldn’t mind… I’ve recently gotten more into learning more about wine and plan to post reviews on my new blog. Can’t wait to look around here more!!

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