Santorini Wine: Gavalas Natural Ferment Assyrtiko

Santorini Wines are unique and make my heart beat faster. Literally.

It’s the vines themselves – I am completely in love with these basket- shaped grapevines, trained in this spectacular way to protect the fruit from the powerful winds and the fierce heat, grown in the island’s volcanic soils!
Basket shaped vine — Photo credit
Gavalas Natural Ferment Assyrtiko
Gavalas Natural Ferment Assyrtiko perfectly paired with grilled octapus

Assyrtiko is the absolute star of Santorini and this natural ferment by Gavalas Winery is simply staggering.

The clarity of the grape is expressed in a uniquely crisp, lemony character with delicious pear notes and hints of jasmine.
The mouthfeel surprises you – the natural yeast fermentation brings an almost oily sensation with a distinct minerality! A hint of saltiness, too.

You close your eyes and you think you’re standing at the caldera, the wind is blowing through your hair. You might even smell the iodine from the deep blue sea. This is Greek summer in a glass!


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16 thoughts on “Santorini Wine: Gavalas Natural Ferment Assyrtiko

  1. I adore this post. Thank you for sharing.
    The idea of circular vines…… very intriguing. I am also very immersed in the study of different “soils” volcanic, blows my mind. In Maryland (USA), we have a lot of Chancery Loam soil.

    1. Hi! One of my favourite grapes is Malagousia from Northern Greece, Moschofilero from the Peloponnese and Vilana, Vidiano from Crete. Assyrtiko can age very gracefully with its high acidity and I have also included a few rare grapes in my latest post 🙂 If you need more info, please let me know I would be very glad to elaborate on their organoleptic profiles.

  2. we had the joy of sampling different wines while holidaying in Santorini, and I must say that their wines definitely carry a taste very unique to the area – almost a volcanic rocky/ashy quality to them, if I can say that!

    1. Such a great comment, thank you. Yes, Assyrtiko is a noble grape which expresses the terroir it comes from, hence Assyrtiko from the island has this distinctive minerality, this appetising slate/rock note. Very glad to read that you enjoyed the wines!

  3. Here in Chablis area vines are kept very low to avoid weather damage. I love the idea of the basket. Lots of work, but very pretty result. Would make it harder to pick the grapes possibly? 🙂

    1. Yes, Chablis vines are all facings lots of weather challenges. In Santorini, it is mostly the heat and the strong winds that affect the grape quality and the put the plant in danger. Lots of hard work but it ensures a fantastic level of fruit quality! They are very pretty, too 😉

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