Pieter Walser and Blank Bottle: fascinating wines and stories

The police suspected Pieter of killing and burying his son. Saying that a huge misunderstanding took place would be an understatement! Of course, Pieter’s son is perfectly healthy and well! Not the most common story about the inspiration behind a label – this is the actual newspaper story appeared back in October 2013!

I tried Blank bottle wines at Intrepid WOSA South African Tasting, as per @douglasblyde ‘s recommendation, last Thursday. After a few failed attempts to find space at the table,as it was super busy, I finally made it and warned Pieter that I am not leaving before trying his range!

Familiemoord is a stunning, energetic blend of Grenache, Pinot Noir and a bit of Cinsault, made from grapes grown near Darling of the west coast of South Africa. Expressive notes of cranberry, cherries and red berries, amazingly elegant and focused with a very silky mouthfeel. A seriously delicious wine made by an inspiring man! You should definitely look out for the rest of the Blank bottle range!

I am a big fan of South African wines and was hugely impressed by the overall quality of the Intrepid South African Tasting. Lots of inspiring, dynamic producers with a global overview making wines with an enticing sense of place and respect to tradition.

7 thoughts on “Pieter Walser and Blank Bottle: fascinating wines and stories

  1. Thank you for the visit.
    What an interesting story.
    I live in South Africa and I have never heard of it.
    Will now watch out for it.
    Not that I know much about wine.
    Just like to drink it!!!!

    1. It is fascinating indeed. The same winemaker has launched another wine which I believe is a blend of 33 (!!!) grapes varieties after having a team of neurosurgeons testing his brain responses to varietal wines. Please let me know what you think when you try his wines!

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