Melina, an orange Roditis from Ktima Ligas in Pella

Christmas in Greece means that I only imbibe Greek wines usually made from young, well-educated and experienced winemakers who continuously challenge and develop the Greek wine scene and for this I am incredibly grateful. One of the most intriguing and delicious wines I tried in 2016 – Roditis barrique, vin blanc vivant non filtré.

Roditis Barrique 2015, Ktima Ligas
Roditis Barrique 2015, Ktima Ligas

Jason of Ktima Ligas identified the potential of this rather underestimated indigenous Greek variety, a grape mainly used for entry level quality Retsina and unlocked its stunning, herbal and spicy profile! Tantalising acidity, full of energy. Barrel fermented, a natural, orange wine from organically grown grapes with fantastic freshness and attractive herbal character and with Mediterranean countryside dried herb notes.

Vin Blanc vivant, non filtré

My discerning and open-to-new-taste-experiences mum and rather wine-strict boyfriend  approved, too. 😊

Roditis Barrel Fermented Ktima Ligas 2015 and our cheese selection

Its label is designed by a talented Thessaloniki-based illustrator and designer, Athina Pappa, and features Melina Mercouri, a Greek actress, singer, politician and activist.

The other two wines of this collection feature: Maria Callas, a Greek-American soprano and influential opera singer of the last century; a 100% Assyrtiko, the diva of the Greek vineyard. Katina Paxinou, winner of Best Supporting Actress Academy Award; a 100% Kydonitsa, a grape much neglected from the rest of the majority of winemakers with fantastic winemaking potential.

Cant’t wait to try these two!

Less than 2,000 bottles of the Roditis were made so do take my advice and find them before they’re all gone! Oh, and do follow Jason’s advice; decant the wine in a carafe before enjoining it, “s’épanouit en carafe” (it blossoms in a decanter).

For the Greek speakers: Watch the video below where Jason explains their ethos, practices and vision:

En Grèce – Teaser from Colin Maunoury on Vimeo.

I hope you had a wonderful festive season with your family and friends and may you all have a prosperous and vinous 2017!

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