If wine has taught me anything, it is to be an optimist

Today, we are told,  it’s Blue Monday. The saddest of all Mondays. As if the rest of the Mondays of the year, you only encounter jolly happy people in the tube, the office, the gym.

If working in wine has taught me one thing this is to always be optimistic. You never know how exactly the wine in the bottle will taste but you need to be optimistic and hope that it’s going to be as delicious you’d expected it to be.

For what is worth, I’ve always liked Mondays; there are a great time to set the tone for the rest of the week and with your batteries recharged, you can set your targets and goals for the next few days.

Mondays are to me like a refreshing aperitif; they only grow my appetite for the week’s new adventures!

So, cheers to be grateful and optimistic!

I call it, the “Saturday attitude”


Five Day Forecast, Lorna Simpson (1991)


What’s in your glass tonight? I’ve got a lovely, apple-y/ pear-y Prosecco from Villa Marcello! Delicious and fun!

11 thoughts on “If wine has taught me anything, it is to be an optimist

  1. Hello Effi, it’s been a while sine I last commented. yes, I find wine, or at least the drinking of wine, optimistic. Case in point. Every February for the last three years my wife and I travel to the San Francisco area to meet up with some old friends from my days of debauchery. That was the old Four Thirty Club that I hosted once a month or so and did the cooking and wine selections for eight individuals. We started about six pm on a Saturday and ended about 4:30 am. The dinner was always first class (I learned how to cook using Larousse Gastronomique and the wines were always first class, Burgundies by Leroy, bordeaux first growths, and so forth.

    We have returned to the old club routine although we no longer can indulge in the food and wine and time we once were accustomed. This year we did burgundy and it was great. We were transported back to the days when one could drink the best burgundies from the fifties and sixties for decent prices. The dollar was so much stronger then. God, i have not had six great burgundies since those days in the late 70s. For an old man of seventy it is a humbling experience as one approaches the end of life. I never thought I would taste such great again and now I am optimistic that I will be allowed a few more such wines before I come to meet my maker.

    Just last week I found a bottle of Chablis that was really great, reminded me of the old days when good chablis had that steel and flint character with little legs (glycerin), always good with shell fish or nordic char. I am optimistic about finding more excellent wines in the years to come. Off to France come end of April and looking forward to drinking more good wine.

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