Chianti Classico is for lovers !

Colour-matching with my favourite Chianti Classico label got me all excited the other day! 🍷 Another skill for my CV: – Dressing the part 🇮🇹 🍷


Thank you @marchesimazzei for the most wonderful magnum of Gran Selezione 2010! A wine that not only excites my taste-buds but also intrigues my mind. A stunning example of the pure seduction that is Sangiovese!

With 40 years of research, Castello di Fonterutoli makes just 60k bottles of their premium Chianti Classico – a result of 120 individual vineyard parcels, 120 vinifications of 36 biotypes of Sangiovese (18 unique to the Estate) grown on Alberese and Galestro soils. After 20 months of maturation in French, small barrels, the wine demonstrated a deep, rich crimson profile with lots of juicy, ripe red fruit. Notes of vanilla, clove, cardamom and light smoke. Very attractive.

Food & wine matching: Tongue-coating tannins make this Gran Selezione an excellent companion to mouthwatering game, sausages, stews and all those heartwarming, winter dishes!

Gran Selezione inspired me to shoot my second YouTube video where I taste the 3 different types of Chianti Classico on camera!

I try all 3 categories of Chianti Classico and answer some of your burning questions!

  • Why is there a Black Rooster symbol on the Chianti Classico bottles?
  • Who is the godfather of Chianti Classico?
  • How is the Disney Classic “Lady & the Trump” related to Chianti?

What’s your favourite wine YouTube channel? I would love to know!

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One thought on “Chianti Classico is for lovers !

  1. These are – genuinely – great reviews! I love the editing in your thoughts the next day technique.
    My top tip for accompaniments to almost any wine is simply olives and great bread, maybe some feta or French cheese. I’m sure that’s go with all these.
    But as I say very entertaining video!

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